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This Height Adjustable Desk Traps You Should Avoid

This Height Adjustable Desk Traps You Should Avoid

In International Trade Business, find a reliable, stable supplier is always important. A good supplier partner can help you save costs, deduce business risk, and help you expand more market share.

In the height adjustable desk industry, it also applies this rule. As a bigger value product in the furniture filed, most importers purchase the standing desk at this price range from USD 80 to USD 160. It’s a disaster if your supplier is not well. So I listed the right/wrong concepts to let you know which you should do and which you shouldn’t do.

Wrong Concept:I only want cooperation with the largest manufacturer.

When looking for a new supplier, they prefer cooperation with the biggest manufacturer for the first time. The reason is they think the largest manufacturer has reliable quality and good reputation.

Yes, they’re right. The top manufacturer has good stable quality & reputation, but it’s doesn’t mean perfect. It also has other factors you should concern, like price, service, etc. The really perfect manufacturer is fit your business scale most closely. That’s the most important thing.

So how find the fittest manufacturer in this filed?

Right Action

A: Ask Potential Supplier Production Capacity.

Know production capacity is the first step to pick a niche manufacturer. Why?

If you place 100 sets(every month) order to the top manufacturer, it’s has a higher risk at a delivery time in peak season. At pick season, they need to make sure their biggest clients’ delivery time, so they may delay your delivery time and make your clients unhappy.

Here is a suggestion with the right capacity:

If order quantity is less 360 sets, to match 2000 – 3000 production capacity.

If order quantity range at 360 – 1500 sets, to match 5000 – 7000 production capacity.

If order quantity range at 1500 – 3500 sets, to match 10000 – 25000 production capacity.

If order quantity range at 3500 – 7200 sets, to match 30000 – 50000 production capacity.

The quantity is a mean per month quantity.

B. Minimum Order Quantity Request And The Cost.

In every B2B business, suppliers have requirements at MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity). For top supplier MOQ, they usually higher than other suppliers. The top supplier may ask you the order quantity must reach their MOQ(even if it’s already excess reality requirement). And another option is they can accept the quantity but need to add extra cost for each unit.

At some standing desk manufacturer, they can accept very low MOQ and without extra cost. Like us, we accept 1 set as MOQ and without extra cost.

C. Ask The Supplier How To Control Quality.

Quality is always the most important thing, whatever you are in any industry. The high defective rate can kill your business, so you need to ask the supplier how to control quantity; what’s the defective rate, and what’s the solution if get a bad product.

Most suppliers will reply to you they can inspect every lift column and control box before ship, then you will get a very low defective rate and free replacement service at the warranty period. That’s very good quality control, but the important thing is just to ask them to send the detail via video, video, video. Especially at how they can inspect every lift column and control box. The reality is some suppliers will not provide video, they only send some pictures for your check. The true manufacturer owns many inspection benches to test every lift column and control box at load & without load situation. At industry inspection standard is each lift column and control box continue test 4 hours – each inspection bench can test 10 sets.

D. Ask Suppliers Show More Detail, More Detail, More Detail On Product Specification When Quote.

Give me BEST Price. The buyer always asks the supplier to provide the best price – If you don’t match my target, I will not cooperation with you, I will work with your competitor. Most of the time the supplier will agree with it. – Did you think is over, you win at this negotiation, get I what I want. That’s wrong. Let me tell you the truth. It’s a TRAP. You will get potential risk in the future if you haven’t more detail, more detail, and more detailed specification on any sides. Like: product raw material – thickness, components performance, package style, etc.

At the height adjustable desk industry, most of the suppliers only show the most basic product specification when negotiation – 2 stages or 3 stages, lowest position, highest position, weight capacity, noise, speed, frame extension size, foot length, side plate length, available color and handset choice, warranty, what function they have, what motor brand they use, lift tube size.

But usually, you will not get more detailed info, like motor power, power line length, lift tube thickness, foot upper support plate thickness, control inside the structure, etc. So you must ask your supplier to list this specification in the price sheet and request them to keep the same when production. Below specifications which we write in the price sheet:

Foot upper support plate thickness: 3mm or 5 mm

Flexible Crossbar Size: 40*20 mm or 50*20 mm

Side Plate Thickness: 2.5 mm or 3 mm

Power Line Length: Usually is 1.8 meter, accept customize

Switch Connection Line Length: 1.5 meter

Control Box Inside Structure: Use one collaboration board structure – power system and control system integration to one board. Some suppliers use separate structures and use a connection line to connect the power board and control board.

Lift Tube Material And Thickness: Material is Iron Q235, Thickness is inner tube 1.8 / middle tube 1.5 / outer tube 1.5 mm

Motor Power And Structure: Should attach a picture to show motor structure.

Hexagon Rod Thickness (For single motor and hand crank desk): 8 mm

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